Adult Guitar Lessons in Lincoln

More and more adults are realising that learning a musical instrument later in life can be a very rewarding pursuit. So if youíre an adult who wants to learn to play the guitar, either as a complete beginner or as a returner, Lincoln Guitar Academy can help.

First of all, have traditional lessons in person with a teacher. This is the best option for fast progress with guidance from one of our skilled guitar teachers. However, itís not always easy to find a suitable teacher, and this is especially true for adult students. Unfortunately, many music teachers are geared more towards teaching children, and may be uncomfortable with or unprepared for adult students. At Lincoln Guitar Academy we have lessons especially geared to adults.

As an adult who is learning the guitar voluntarily, youíll gain a lot more from your guitar lessons than many younger people. Just be sure to carve out time for regular guitar practice, and donít let the other demands on your time intrude into this.


Lincoln Guitar Academy provides guitar lessons and bass guitar lessons from the most experienced, dedicated and enthusiastic tutors around. With Lincoln Guitar Academy you are guaranteed first class guitar lessons.

We run guitar courses from Beginner, to Advanced Level, all designed to make YOU a better player.

Our guitar lessons guarantee your best possible progress! The courses and lessons are designed to be fun, yet are packed with all the information you need to become a strong confident guitarist, whilst giving you an understanding of the theory behind classic songs. Our selection of very talented guitar tutors have a huge amount of experience and fully understand the course, allowing them to cater each individual guitar lesson to your needs.

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